LAPD Citizen Community Police Academy Comes to Crossings

UHC Community News

Residents18 and older at Crossings at 29th Street, Los Angeles participated in an eight-week community outreach program by the LAPD, Newton division.The program encourages partnerships for reducing crime and improving our neighborhoods. Well attended, by Crossing’s residents and their local neighbors, the weekly meetings educated and increased neighborhood awareness on the operations of the SWAT, K-9, patrol/detective operations, domestic and child abuse divisions, hate crime, drug, vice and gang operations. While the adults learned about the LAPD,  police officers delighted the children in the community by bringing motorcycles and K-9 dogs.  As a result of the program, several young adult residents were inspired to apply for the LAPD Cadet Leadership Academy. This is just one example of the many successful partnership programs between UHC communities and local law enforcement.