UHC Residents 1st in Family to Attend College

UHC Community News

Social service coordinator, Cesar Delgado works with young residents in UHC Communities to help make their college aspirations a reality.  By partnering with local non-profit organizations and helping residents apply for college scholarships, Delgado has helped more than 25 students go to college over the past few years.  Most of these residents are the first in their families to attend college. One such student, Ribaldo Herrera came to Crossings at LA 29th Street in 2012. At the property’s opening ceremony, he spoke honestly about the conditions he and his family endured, before moving to Crossings. His speech moved the audience made up of local politicians, investors and community leaders to tears. (See a clip young Ribaldo and the 29th Street story here: http://www.uhcllc.net/media/videos)  This year thanks to our non-profit community partner A Place Called Home Shaheen Scholarship program, Herrera is a freshman at the University of California, Merced.  Another young resident of LA 29th Street, Ricardo Santuario is a sophomore this year at University of California, Berkley, majoring in Ethnic Studies.  His tuition is funded in part through a combination of academic merit scholarships and in kind donations. His neighbor Edgar Herrera is a young father, who split his time between work, school, parenting and tutoring others in the community.  In 2015 Edgar received his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal State Los Angeles and is currently employed by Federally Funded Research Development Center, a local non-profit organization.   Edgar is another 1st college graduate in his family.  There are so many other inspirational stories; the UHC team is proud of the achievements of our resident students and grateful to our community of non-profit partners for helping them achieve their dreams.