Young People Mentor Kids in UHC Communities

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Cesar Delgado of A New Day Home Care, our non-profit partner serving several UHC communities, recruited student interns from our neighborhoods and beyond to share their talents and give younger kids a "hand up” this summer. Nathan Santos a swimmer and student at LMU, Cherie Sanchez a high school Junior and Junior Life-Guard/Cadet for LAPD and Jaden Bigley a swimmer and high school freshman at PVHS, shared their talents in the pool at the 5th annual swimming and water safety program at Crossings at North Hills. The young volunteers taught residents and neighborhood children referred by North Valley Caring Services (NVCS) and local schools. The 2017 summer program was a great success with a large group of children completing the program.

Young People Mentor Kids in UHC Communities

Leslie Corona a student at University of California, Davis volunteered to mentor and tutor children at Crossings at LA 29th Street, she sums up her summer intern experience: 

"The summer internship was amazing. Getting to know each and every kid and seeing how they all depend on and argue with one another like siblings exemplifies the purpose of the community. It allows for them to have each other when needed, and not feel alone. I believe the ages of the kids are all around one another, which benefits them when it comes to school because they can help one another out when one is struggling. It allows for them to pull one another up.

Throughout the summer, it was really fun speaking to these kids and having them share a little about themselves as days passed. I was glad that they felt able to open up to me about certain aspects of their lives. I think the best part of this internship was towards the end when I actually helped them with their homework because they were able to ask for help whenever needed. We would also have a routine of homework first, and then playing which I think is very good for them to have. I believe they should be taught these routines, so when they grow older it just becomes a habit. I definitely look forward to spending more time with them on my breaks and future summers, and being the role model they may not have unfortunately.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, it is greatly appreciated!”

Our programs are greatly enriched, by our young volunteers and the examples they set for younger children in our communities. They inspire us by reaching down to "pull up” to use Ms. Corona’s phrasing, younger kids who need strong mentors. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks back to Ms. Corona, and to all of the other young college and high school students that volunteered their time in our UHC communities this summer.