UHC is a family-owned, mission-driven company dedicated to developing affordable, sustainable housing that benefits communities and stakeholders.

UHC communities offer seniors and families earning 60% or less than area median income, attractive, safe, healthy, vital places to live in California and Hawaii.

The UHC Difference

  • UHC co-develops with Fortune 500 companies and works with a vast network of industry partners.

  • Our commitment to California and Hawaii is backed by our national partners and driven by UHC development team’s years of experience at leveraging business and financial relationships, from beyond state borders.

  • UHC has established strong relationships with local vendors, jurisdictional departments, state organizations, and political leadership in California and Hawaii.

  • From concept to completion, we regularly engage those vested in the community’s success. Our development plan of action is unique to their needs.

  • UHC communities exceed industry quality standards without the higher cost. To control quality and cost, we employ an internal building and design team that actively participates in the creation of plans and specifications, reviewing them for compliance, from concept to completion.

  • UHC’s multi-disciplinary team brings a breadth of experience to affordable development.

  • Our service-providers, consultants, contractors and vendors consist of firms with local expertise, bringing jobs to the communities we serve.

  • Our on-site social services ensure our residents' basic needs are met: health, education, and financial stability. Then UHC programming goes beyond the basics, tailoring services to resident’s specific needs.