Our Communities

A Quiet Revolution in Affordable Housing.

Meaningful Development Connects the Home to the Community
The family is our unit of measure for planning and designing healthy, revitalized communities. By creating a sense of home, we initiate social renewal that radiates out to our neighborhoods, and into the community beyond. We start with individual residential units, making each unit less anonymous and healthier through green building techniques and good design. We increase sense of ownership with outside places for private family gatherings, like porches and decks. Creating neighborhoods that are intimate versus large and anonymous requires meaningful planning and correct scale. Designing for interaction between clusters of six to 12 families, in neighborhoods ranging from 40 to 100 families is a small enough scale to be intimate and more manageable, where services can be more effectively administered. 

Our development plan addresses connectivity between neighbors, how groups of families come together; tot lots and common social areas in each designated neighborhood provide a sense of safety and belonging. Neighborhoods where residents know each other will have defensible common spaces – a secure community with many eyes on the street, appropriately scaled with landscaped courtyards, gathering places, and open space. Healthy families and neighborhoods need access to recreation, medical and social services; our on-site community centers are designed to accommodate these services and opportunities. Our onsite social services are available to non-resident neighbors and our residents share services with our community partners. Our neighborhoods are interconnected with the larger community. We plan for connectivity between streets, bike paths and pedestrian walkways, to those on our sites. We create links to public transportation. Our bike and pedestrian paths are connected to natural resources and parks, both on and off our properties. We promote healthy lifestyles for our families and the whole community by enhancing and respecting existing natural resources and infrastructure. 

Our Design Difference
We value thoughtful design as an amenity. Unlike other affordable developments, UHC’s interiors and exteriors are designed to rival market rate. Inside and out, all finishes and colors are coordinated by our exclusive design team. Each UHC property enhances the neighborhood’s style and character, resulting in affordable housing that is outstanding, but does not stand out.